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About Blackguard
Blackguard is an Anti-Villian roleplaying supergroup for Champions Online. The leader, Wrath, founded the group after operating as a hero to the planet and realizing that it is far too divided to stand a chance against certain galactic threats such as the Gadroon, Elder Worms, Qularr, as well as the Empress of a Billion Dimensions. That Earth was on borrowed time essentially.

The Blackguard is more than just uniting all of the world together though, it's aim is to make the quality of living on Earth better for all those who live on it by removing the corruption of the government, giving better living conditions, and reducing the crime rate dramatically. However, to do this, the Blackguard will need to make questionable choices, and crack a few eggs. To heroes, the Blackguard is an extremist group who fight outside the law. To villains, the Blackguard are a great threat that aren't afraid to pull their punches. The Blackguard plans to work on a global scale, and needs help to grow in numbers so that the world is under one banner and we can all work together to make the future brighter than it could have ever been divided.

With the threat of the Empress of a Billion Dimensions having her sights set on our dimension, Blackguard must work hard to ensure there is a true unified front standing against her when she comes with her armies. Earth has been her first world to attack nearly every invasion, and with every defeat her tactics change, from blunt to subtle. Wrath has faced her forces in the past and knows that if she can not crush her enemy, she will seduce them. With multiple governments in place it would only be a matter of time for one nation to betray the others for a seat at her table.